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Whether building a new home or revamping an old one, it feels good to be able to rely on an experienced contractor to make sure the job gets done right. But just because you have a professional by your side doesn't mean that you shouldn't have an understanding of how your construction project should be handled. If you don't know what to expect from your contractor, their team, and even your own efforts during construction, you won't know whether anything important is being overlooked or that labor production is inefficiant. This blog was designed to provide visitors like you with the tips, tricks, insights, and guidelines that are needed to successfully oversee any type of construction project. Thanks for stopping by!


4 Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips

3 September 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Articles

Although many times there is good reason to call in a professional when it comes to problems with your garage door, this is not always the case. There are plenty of times when you can troubleshoot a garage door on your own, and often times fix the problem yourself, before calling in a pro. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about a few of those moments. Read More …

2 Sewer Plumbing Issues You May Encounter In Your Older Home

18 August 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Articles

Old homes built around the turn of the century have charm and character that you cannot find in a new or modern-built home. But, with your old home's character comes its aging systems and plumbing problems that are a common problem in older homes. Here are two sewer plumbing issues you may encounter with your older home and tips to help you deal with them. Collapsed Sewer Main If your older home's sewer line is continually getting clogged, even though you hire a plumber to clean out the lines, you most likely have a collapsed sewer main line. Read More …

Helpful Tips To Get The Most Out Of Selling Scrap Copper From An Old House

30 July 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Articles

If you own a house that you are demolishing or renovating, you may be interested in taking the copper out of the house and selling it for fast cash. It's important to know that many states have enacted laws to try to reduce copper theft, which could cause you to wait longer than you expect to get the cash from selling your scrap metal. However, there may be a few ways around the waiting period. Read More …

3 Critical Considerations For Your Gutter Installation

16 July 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Articles

If you've been told that you need new gutters, or if you're equipping a custom-built home with its first set of gutters, you're probably wondering how to get the best performance for your money. Selecting the right gutters and keeping them in good working order can save your roof and other parts of your home from water damage, mold accumulation and other pricey problems. Here are three considerations to help guide your gutter installation journey. Read More …

4 “Minor Issues” That Can Wreck Your Roof

30 June 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Articles

You don't expect your roof to look perfect after several years of layman service, but that doesn't mean you should dismiss minor flaws as nothing to worry about. Some so-called "minor issues" can be the first step toward a major roof failure. Here are four potential problems you should watch out for if you want to avoid roof repairs or even an entire roof replacement. 1. Debris in Gutters Many homeowners view their blocked gutters as nothing more than a source of social embarrassment (if they view them at all). Read More …