Make These 4 Choices To Enjoy Outdoor Cooking For Longer

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Make These 4 Choices To Enjoy Outdoor Cooking For Longer

30 September 2019
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Do you love outdoor cooking? Then you may be sad to see fall arrive and the glory days of summer to be left behind. However, you can extend outdoor cooking and entertainment opportunities well into the autumn and beyond by making a few of the right choices in outdoor kitchen design. What sort of choices? Here are four great ideas.

1. Solid Flooring. If you want to extend use of any outdoor space into the messy, wet, and windy months of spring and fall, be sure to opt for flooring that will stand up to the weather. A solid concrete — perhaps with an attractive overlay or stamping — is a clean and low-maintenance choice for any space. You could also use hardwood flooring or decking. Avoid messier materials like gravel or flagstone, and be sure to install a good foundation below your materials.

2. Roofing. One of the most important aspects of fall outdoor kitchens will be overhead protection from the weather. Plan for a solid roof over both the cooking area and any outdoor dining rooms. The ideal material for quality protection is probably a continuation of the roofing materials and shingles from the home's exterior. If that's not in your budget, look for any solid roofing, including aluminum and wood planks or a retractable awning system. Avoid fabrics, pergolas, and other delicate or open roofing choices.

3. Weatherproof Appliances. When you choose appliances and cabinetry for the outdoor kitchen, be certain to get units made for the outdoors. Stainless steel and ceramic are good outdoor choices that will withstand plenty of water and scrubbing. Be sure all connections are well protected within the cabinetry and stabilized for durability during storms. Install them into sealed, weatherproof cabinetry that can be locked tight to protect your accessories when it gets windy. 

4. Siding. If you have harsher weather, good siding materials helps maintain use of the space. Many outdoor cooks like to place their kitchen next to the home's exterior wall to provide one side of thorough protection from wind and cold. Line another two or three sides with protective materials depending on they type of weather you receive. Light rains and mild wind can be deterred by something as simple as a tall hedge or vines planted in vertical lattice or pergolas. If you need to protect the space from harsh wind or snow, add either permanent or removable wood side walls.

If you choose the right materials, a protective placement, and a solid frame, you can continue to enjoy your outdoor kitchen long into the cooler months. For more ideas, work with an experienced outdoor kitchen specialist today.