Choosing A Garage Door For Your Attached Garage

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Choosing A Garage Door For Your Attached Garage

9 September 2018
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If your home has an attached garage or bay of multiple garages, it is likely a prominent a part of the home's design. An attached garage requires a homeowner to make additional considerations. Here are two factors to consider when choosing a new garage door for your attached garage.

Your Garage Door Can Be An Eyesore

Homeowners whose homes have an attached garage need to give care to the garage door they choose. Unlike a detached garage, an attached garage is a part of your home. It's not uncommon for the garage placement to be forward of the living space, making it the first thing people notice when looking at your home. A cheap, flat white garage door is rarely the best choice for this situation and will likely stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, the garage door should complement the rest of the home's architectural details. For example, the garage door will look best and be less conspicuous if it is the same color as your home's trim. If your home's windows have mullions, a garage door with the same will tie in better. Matching your garage to your home's existing aesthetic will increase the overall curb appeal of your home.

Your Garage Door Should Be Insulated

The garage itself may not be insulated, but the garage door should be. An attached garage often provides the primary method of entry for residents. This means the garage is doing double duty, serving as a giant vestibule.

An insulated garage door can lessen the temperature difference between your home and the outdoors. The result is less energy will go out your home's entry door. Any rooms above the garage will also experience less heat or cooling loss.

An insulated garage door is denser, making it able to stand up to basketballs and minor bumps. It can also provide more security than a non-insulated garage door. This additional density will also cut down on noise. An insulated garage door is especially important for homes located on major thoroughfares. A home is far more enjoyable when the sound of the constant traffic outside is muffled.

Insulated garage doors can make the space more multipurpose as well. In areas that have extremely cold winters, an insulated garage door can mean the difference between a subzero garage and a garage that remains above freezing. Having a warmer garage will allow you to store beverages or other pantry items without fear of damage. In areas that get extremely hot, the relative coolness of the garage can provide a comfortable oasis and cut down on cooling costs.

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