How To Cover Or Hide The Hole In Your Roof Until After Christmas

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How To Cover Or Hide The Hole In Your Roof Until After Christmas

26 December 2017
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Good news; you found that weak spot in your roof. Bad news; you fell through it putting Christmas lights on it. Okay, so now what do you do? It is not as though you can get a contractor a few days before Christmas or on the very holiday. You probably should have tried to put holiday lights on the roof several weeks ago . . .

There are a few ways to cover and hide the roof until after the Christmas holiday. They are not perfect solutions by a long shot, but they are satisfactory until most roofing contractors have returned to work after the holiday. If you did not injure yourself too badly falling through the weak spot in your roof, you can climb back up there to apply some of these temporary fixes. There are also a couple of temporary fixes you can apply from underneath the hole while standing in the attic.

Temporary Fixes Over the Hole

Tarps and Decorations

Place a tarp over the hole. Make sure it has metal grommets so that you can secure the tarp, in whatever form, to the roof. (Most tarps are blue, so you could even cut the tarp to resemble a patch of ice.)

Then you could take a Santa sleigh and light-up reindeer cut-outs and place them on/over the tarp "ice." You could even dangle some of the deer off the edge of the roof and make it look like the sleigh and reindeer hit the patch of ice and are all about to fall off the roof! As long as you were not too badly hurt in your fall, it could be the inside family joke as well.

Plexi-Glass and Christmas Projection Lights

You could also buy a cheap, cut-to-fit piece of plastic glass (a.k.a. plexi-glass). Drill a prep hole in each of the four corners of the plastic glass. Then nail or drill the sheet of plastic glass to your roof over the hole. Besides the fact that you now have a temporary skylight, you also have a reflective surface off of which you can bounce Christmas projection lights for a stunning effect. 

When the holiday is over and you can get a roofing contractor to come out for repairs, the roofing contractor can loosen and remove the plastic glass as part of the repairs. If the hole is quite large, this area of your roof may have to be removed and replaced anyway. At least the cheap fix and decorative touch you used served its purpose and transformed something ugly into something beautiful in the process.

Temporary Fixes Under and Through the Hole

Christmas Inflatables

If you cannot possibly climb up to the roof again, or you do not wish to tempt fate, you can go into your attic and try using Christmas inflatable decorations to block the hole. Try to find an inflatable decoration that will adequately fill the hole in the roof without expanding the hole or popping the inflatable decoration.

Begin by inflating the decoration, and then, before it is fully inflated, push it up through the hole in the roof. Finish inflating it so that the decoration fills the expanse of the hole. Some good suggestions of Christmas inflatables are a Santa popping out of a chimney, an inflatable Christmas tree, or one of those humongous snow globes that actually has "snow" moving around inside it. Any of these conveniently hide the hole in your roof for a few days while creating a fun, festive, attention-drawing feature to your home. The best part is, when the roofing contractor finally arrives, you can quickly deflate the decoration for the contractor to begin repairs.

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