Sink Habitually Clogged? Why You Need To Call A Plumber

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Sink Habitually Clogged? Why You Need To Call A Plumber

16 October 2017
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A clogged sink has to be one of the most common household problems. You use your sink on a daily basis so it's no wonder that one day you could find that the water just will not go down the drain. If it's a one-off problem, you likely apply a home remedy to get the water to go down and then forget about it. However, if you find that you repeatedly have problems out of your sinks, it could be much more than a surface issue. There could be something going on that's deeper than what you realize. Keep reading to learn why it's so essential for you to call up a plumber when you have repeated problems with your sinks:

There Could Be A Tree Root Strangling Your Piping System

While the trees in your yard are most definitely a supreme source of beauty, it's important for you to be aware of some of the hazards that can accompany a tree-lined property. As a tree ages and matures, the roots tend to burrow more deeply into the earth. When this happens the roots could start to come into contact with the pipes that comprise your plumbing system. If the roots begin to grow around the pipes, the results could be disastrous. 

It's even more vital for you to pay attention to this information if you live in an older home. The house could still have the original plumbing system, which has likely deteriorated over the course of time. This leaves them susceptible to being squeezed by the roots. If this happens, the sinks in your home could begin to back up to such an extent that you truly can't get any water to evacuate the drains.

A skilled plumber can do some digging to get to the heart of the problem. They just may be able to discover the roots and dislodge them before they cause more damage.

Over-The-Counter Remedies Might Not Be Good For Your Pipes

Repeatedly pouring over-the-counter clog remedies down your drains might not be a good idea. The chemicals could begin to eat away at your pipes and cause an even bigger problem. Instead, let a plumber come in and run a snake through the pipes. It's safer and likely much more effective.

Detecting the problem as early as possible is the key to halting the future damage. Avoid trying to deal with a habitual plumbing problem on your own and let a plumber handle the task for you. Contact a plumbing contractor for more information and assistance.