3 Things A Gate Says About Your Residential Property

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3 Things A Gate Says About Your Residential Property

23 August 2017
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Think about a home enclosed in a fence and sealed by a gate at the end of the drive. What are your impressions of this property? If you are like most homeowners, there are some pretty common answers that will come to mind. This is because properties that have a gate installed speak volumes about the property itself and sometimes, even the people who reside there. If you choose to have your property fenced and a gate added to the driveway entrance, you should know just what this change is going to say to the outside world. 

A gate says your property is distinguished among others. 

There's a certain level of clout for your home that comes along with a gated property. People drive by, and they see something different than the usual residence when your property is enclosed and can only be accessed via a gate. Not only does this do wonders for curb appeal, but it also can help boost the overall value of your home if you decide to sell. In the eyes of a prospective buyer, seeing that the property is gated automatically makes it more desirable, which means they will be willing to pay a little more than they usually would. 

A gate says your home is secure. 

There are a few things you can assume about a residential property that can only be accessed by getting through the gate. One of the primary assumptions by onlookers is, "Wow, that home must be pretty secure!" When there is a gate in place, most passersby will likely assume that you care a great deal about home security. This is great for a really good reason. It will be less likely that your home will be broken into because a house with a gate is likely to also have a hefty home security system in place and probably surveillance (even if you don't, this is what many will think).

A gate says you care about your personal privacy at home. 

When you have a perimeter fence and gate installed, there are a few reasons why you do it, from home security to visible value, but maintaining privacy is also a common reason. When people see that you have this exterior feature, they are likely to figure you enjoy your privacy from the outside world. Therefore, people who would normally be a bother, like sales soliciters or even annoying neighbors, will be less likely to pick your home to visit. 

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