Beyond the Nursery: Remodeling Your Kitchen and Bath in Anticipation of a New Baby

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Beyond the Nursery: Remodeling Your Kitchen and Bath in Anticipation of a New Baby

6 July 2017
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Planning for a new baby is an overwhelming task, with many things to buy, build, and change before your due date. What better time than now to remodel two of the most important rooms in your home, the bath and kitchen? Such remodeling won't necessarily be exclusive to making way for the new baby; rather, it can mean the beginning of a much richer and more livable home experience. These remodeling changes should see you and your expanding family well into the future, while increasing the value of your home at the same time.

For many reasons, improving the bathroom and kitchen in time for that special deliver makes a lot of sense.

Building a Better Bathroom

In a lifetime, the average person spends around a year and a half in the bathroom, which is why you should spend a considerable amount of your time and resources building a better one. Not just for the new baby on the way, but to make life easier on yourself and the others in your household. Especially with a newborn coming, though, this is one room you want to raise to a certain standard in terms of health and ease of use.

  • Ventilate for better health: If your present bathroom facilities have insufficient ventilation, everyone's health is susceptible, but in particular, the baby's developing respiratory system. Mold grows where there's moisture and adequate ventilation should control this situation in your bathroom.
  • Expand your storage space: You never seem to have enough washcloths and towels with an expanding family, so expand your shelving in the bathroom, so you'll have plenty of room to stock up.
  • Install easy-to-care-for flooring: Your bathroom doesn't have to have a tiled floor to look its best, especially when inexpensive and easy-to-care-for laminate flooring does such a good impersonation of tile or slate. Cleaning the grout on a tiled floor is one chore you'd probably prefer to eliminate.
  • Make it artsy, without the fuss: A splash of colorful tiles on the walls, though, should be a cinch to keep clean, while adding an artistic flare. You won't have to worry too much about decorating your bathroom, if you have a spectacular tile design in place.

Creating a Convenient Kitchen

Updating the kitchen has many advantages, from making meals speedier to increasing the potential value of your home, but when you're expecting a new baby, the kitchen is going to be one very happening place, making remodeling ideal. All at once, you can probably think of a million ways to improve the kitchen, but slow down for a second and really think about how this room should accommodate the entire family, while working especially hard to protect and provide for your baby.

  • Choose cabinets with easy child-proofing options: Even if you don't replace your cabinets during remodeling, remember to child-proof every door and drawer you don't want baby getting into. If you'd like to change the look of your kitchen without replacing those cabinets, consider adding new hardware or having them resurfaced.
  • Have a few overhead cabinets put in, too: Because there will be some things you always want kept out of reach, no matter how "child proof" the cabinets may be, make sure there are a few that are completely out of reach.
  • Design an island in your kitchen: One thing you'll definitely thank yourself for later is a new island kitchen. Here, you can prep foods right beside the highchair and feed whilst keeping everything else out of reach of little hands. An island will serve your family no matter how old your kids are, making it a wise long-term investment, too.
  • Consider under-the-counter/cabinet appliances: For safety and convenience, you might want to have the coffee pot, can opener and other important appliances installed right under the counters/cabinets in your kitchen. Doing so will save space, which will become increasingly spare and important with the growing baby.
  • Talk to a contractor about your laundry facilities: If you don't have or aren't happy with your current washing machine and dryer set-up, ask a contractor about redoing it closer to your kitchen. Because you'll be spending a lot of time here with the baby, it could be very convenient to be able to fold your clothes here as well. Whether you're supervising the consumption of Cheerios or a grand souffle in the oven, multitasking with the laundry facilities could come in very handy, time-wise. Also ask the contractor about adding shelving in the adjacent laundry room, for your extra canned and dry goods.

Before the midnight feedings, endless diaper changes, and constant piles of laundry become commonplace around your home, make the renovations that will make life easier on everyone. When remodeling is well-planned out, it is a solid investment in the house itself and the time your family spends there. For information, contact contracting companies like Sierra Remodeling & Home Builders Inc.