The Hidden Dangers Of Home Renovations: Tips For Dealing With Hazardous Materials

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The Hidden Dangers Of Home Renovations: Tips For Dealing With Hazardous Materials

18 May 2017
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When renovating and older home, you may have to deal with materials that are hazardous. Your home may have materials that contain asbestos or lead, as well as contamination from problems like raw sewage or mold growth. Here are some tips to help deal with the hidden dangers in home renovations with the help of remediation services:

1. Mold and Mildew Due to Leaks and Water Damage

When mold and mildew take over your home, they pose a health risk and need to be cleaned. These problems often come from water damage, which can be due to natural disasters, roof leaks or mechanical failures. The problem with mold is that is quickly spreads, and not only is it a health hazard, but it can cause structural issues when wood begins to decay. You will need to have the mold removed by a specialist and your home inspected for any structural repairs that need to be made due to rot and mold.

2. Asbestos Hidden in Many Building Materials Used in Construction

The materials that were used when your home was built may also be a problem that hazardous materials cause. Asbestos is a mineral that has been used in many products for decades, but the air borne particles from asbestos are a health hazard in homes. Materials like texturing on drywall and loose insulation are some of the worse asbestos problems, but it can also be found in shingles, siding and old pipes. Any of the materials inside your home should be removed. If you make changes to the exterior, these materials may also need to be completely removed, but can be left alone if they are untouched.

3. Old Homes with Layers of Paint That Contain Hazardous Lead

Older homes have another problem with the paint, which may be caked on in layers from decades of painting over the previous layer of paint. When all those layers of paint are removed, there may be some paint that contains lead, which will require specialized removal and disposal of the lead paint. Lead paint is usually found in places like old trim and exterior woodwork that has just been painted over.

These are some tips to help you deal with the problems with hazardous materials that can be encountered with home renovations. If you need help getting hazardous materials removed to complete your renovations, contact a construction inspection service, like Otto Rosenau & Associates Inc, to find out what repairs need to be done after these materials have been removed.