Ideas To Naturally Blend In Recreational Features For Custom Pool Designs

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Ideas To Naturally Blend In Recreational Features For Custom Pool Designs

18 May 2017
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Adding a pool to your home is a great way to give your home outdoor space that can be used for recreation and relaxation. With a custom pool installation, you have options like adding slides, diving boards or grottos hidden behind waterfalls. When you add features, blending them in to look more natural will make the pool more attractive. Here are some ideas to blend recreational features in with your custom pool design for a more natural appearance:

1. Natural Looking Hot Tub Area with Stone Accents

If you have a hot tub area with your pool, you may want to give it some accents and custom details. Why not add rock and stone features that make it look more like a natural hot spring pool. Use stones to create natural edges around your pool. Mesh and mortar are available from building supply services to create synthetic rock that can cover any exposed equipment.

2. Diving Platform Alternative with Rock Retaining Wall

If you have the elevations to work with, you may want to consider creating diving platforms from retaining walls that rise above the pool area. The retaining walls can be faced with stone to give them a more natural appearance and have waterfalls flowing from the top of them for a natural look. If there are no elevations to work with, the pool equipment can be located below a brick and stone structure, and the diving platform above. Use synthetic rock features that extend out past the structure to dive off of.

3. Hidden Slide Over Synthetic Rock with Water Features

In addition to retaining walls, synthetic rock materials are another option to consider for a slide and diving area. If you do not have the elevations to work with, the synthetic rock can be used to create a pool slide, grotto and diving platform all in one. Building supplies services can provide you with the materials needed to create a realistic stone feature to accent your pool. The grotto area itself should be made of a reinforced concrete structure, then the stone finishes added. Depending on how much you want to spend, the grotto can even be a complete hot tub area and include seating outside of the pool itself.

With natural accents like synthetic stone, your custom pool will have all the recreational features that blend in and look great. Contact a building supply service, likeWylaco Supply Company, to get the concrete and stone materials needed to add these features that blend your pool in with the natural surroundings.