4 Questions To Ask Your New Residential Asphalt Contractor

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4 Questions To Ask Your New Residential Asphalt Contractor

25 April 2017
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Creating a new driveway can be a big job and is sure to create some of stress in your life. However, the key to getting this project completed will rest in finding the ideal professional to assist you. The good news is here are many asphalt contractors out there that are more than willing to help you with your driveway project. However, the key to finding the best one to do the job for you will rest in asking the right questions beforehand.

Question #1: How long have you been in business?

Of course, you may think that experience is king when it comes to doing asphalt construction work for you. It's a fact that you can feel more confident by hiring a contractor that has been in business for years. Therefore, one of the top questions you may want to ask when first meeting with an individual your contemplating for the job is the number of years this person has been doing asphalt work.

Question #2: Do you have any photos of past jobs?

Just like the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words, and this is the case when you're looking for a professional that will do this job for you. Being able to see some of the past residential pavement jobs this individual has completed is sure to be one way to build your confidence before choosing a specific company. Be sure to ask for photos of the entire projects that may have been done. You may want to get some shots of the driveway from the start of it to the very end. 

Getting an idea of what this expert has done in the past may help you determine if this is the right asphalt company to do the job for you.

Question #3:  Where did you receive your training?

It's no secret that having the capability to install a driveway will require the right amount of expertise and training. Of course, you will want to dive a bit deeper during the initial consultation and inquire about where this person may have learned to do a job of this magnitude.

This may come up in conversation, but if not be sure to inquire about training specifically. You may even want to go as far as asking to see a copy of the diploma or certification this individual has for additional peace of mind.

Question #4: Are you licensed and bonded?

It's always important when working with a service professional to ensure this person is licensed and bonded. This means that the contractor you choose has undergone the necessary steps to hold the license required to start your new driveway.

Additionally, being bonded means that the contractor has insurance in the unfortunate event there is an accident during this process. It's essential that any person you hire to do this work for you has both of these things!

The key to getting the finished entrance to your home you want will certainly rest in the contractor you choose. Be sure to do your research and ask the right questions to local companies, such as Boswell Brothers Paving, to help you find the ideal professional today.