Starting A Welding Company

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Starting A Welding Company

1 March 2017
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Welding is the type of service that is needed for a variety of industries. For instance, welding is needed for creating metal plumbing pipes, roofs, automotive parts, and many other things. If you have the right kind of skills, you can start your own welding company and make a decent income from the services that you offer. Just make sure that you are able to invest in everything that is needed to keep your customers satisfied, as your business won't last long if you don't. Take a look at this article for a few pointers in regards to starting your own welding company.

Designate a Safe Place for the Work to Be Done

You must decide where you will run your welding company. You can provide services from home, but make sure there is a place for welding to safely be done. Your garage is not likely a good place for the task, as harmful fumes can end up inside of your house. Try to get a metal building constructed on your property if there is enough space for one, or you can simply rent a building to conduct business away from home.

Decide Which Type of Welding Services to Provide

Keep in mind that there are various types of welding techniques that can be used for servicing your customers. It is in your best interest to choose the method that will provide the highest quality of bonds. For instance, CD stud welding is a good technique to use because it can be done faster than other methods. You will also have a cleaner work area by opting to provide CD stud welding services over flash.

Purchase Welding Equipment & Supplies

Make sure that you have all of the welding equipment and supplies that you need before opening your business. When it comes to the supplies, stock up on more than you think will be needed in the beginning. You don't want to end up with a surprisingly large amount of customers from the start and not be able to offer them assistance due to your supplies running out. You will need supplies such as anchors, pins, hangers, caps, nuts, washers, and a large amount of studs if you don't intend on using the flash welding method. Visit a welding equipment and supplies store to purchase everything that you need to open your welding company and start making money.  

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