Three Tips For Managing Runoff From Your Property

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Three Tips For Managing Runoff From Your Property

28 November 2016
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Managing runoff from rain can be a task that many new homeowners may not have ever considered prior to buying a house. However, it can be essential for both protecting the property against erosion as well as complying with local regulations concerning stormwater. To help you get better control over the runoff that comes from your property, these three tips should be followed.

Healthy Landscaping

The condition of your landscaping may not seem like it is a particularly important factor in controlling runoff, but it can help through a couple of different ways. For example, the plants will actively absorb much of the rainwater, which can help to reduce the amount of runoff coming from your property. Also, the plants will help to secure the soil, which can minimize erosion. In particular, grass is highly effective at this due to its ability to cover most of the ground and its elaborate root network. For these reasons, you should make sure to keep as much of your property covered in healthy grass as possible.

Retaining Walls And Curbside Edging

Depending on the terrain of your property, it can be possible for runoff to take unpredictable paths through your yard. This can make it somewhat more difficult to manage. However, retaining walls and edging can be great ways of directing the flow of water where you want. These upgrades should be installed in areas of your yard where runoff and erosion are particularly severe. While this may represent a sizable investment, retaining walls and edging can help to improve the appearance of your home, which can increase its value and help offset the cost of this upgrade.

Gutters And French Drains

There will be some areas of your yard where water is prone to form standing puddles. These puddles can lead to mosquitoes and other insect problems as well as drowning the plants in the area. To channel this water towards the stormwater system, you may need to utilize gutters and French drains. These devices will help this water to flow away from your property in a controlled manner. In addition to giving you greater control over where this water goes, installing these upgrades will also be more cost-effective than investing in landscaping services to fill the low areas of your yard that experience this problem. Whether you should use French drains or conventional gutters will largely depend on the severity of the pool water, and an experienced contractor from a company like Crest Engineering Associates will be able to let you know the best option for your property after conducting a thorough survey to identify the source of the problem.