Choosing A Roof For Your Mediterranean-Style Dream Home

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Choosing A Roof For Your Mediterranean-Style Dream Home

19 November 2014
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Are you building a Mediterranean-style house? If so, you probably already know that Mediterranean-style homes draw their inspiration from the sunny, cheerful abodes in Italy, Greece, and Spain.  You're likely already planning on incorporating stucco walls painted a neutral color such as peach or yellow into your new house, as well as an open floor plan, and plenty of columns and archways. What about the roof, though? If you're stuck on deciding what material will best top your Mediterranean-style dream home, read on to learn what your options are.

Ceramic Tiles

Any authentic Mediterranean-style house will have a tiled roof, and those tiles will usually be red in color. On the high-end scale of roofing materials you might consider for your new house are ceramic tiles.  These tiles are constructed from clay or terracotta, and are incredibly long-lasting, often remaining completely intact for well over 100 years.

The elegance and durability of ceramic tiles does come at a cost—they're heavy. In fact, some of these tiles can weigh 18 pounds per square foot of roofing material. If you're confident that your house was built with the durability to withstand this weight, that's great! If you're concerned that your home can't withstand such heavy tiles, opt for lighter tiles that are manufactured to look like real-deal ceramic.

Metal Tiles

Metal tiles can look just like ceramic tiles, but weigh in at just 1 pound per square foot of roofing material. These tiles have about half the life-expectancy of ceramic tiles, but are much easier to install and less expensive than authentic ceramic tiles. 

Metal tiles can be purchased as single tiles and applied in the same way as ceramic tiles, or they can be purchased in sheet-form an installed in a similar fashion as corrugated metal roofs. If you want your new Mediterranean-style house to have a middle-of-the-line, quality roof that's looks good, yet fits a tight budget, metal tiles are the way to go.

Asphalt Tiles

If even metal roofing is outside your budget, asphalt tiles may be a good choice for your new home. Asphalt tiles can give an authentic appearance to a Mediterranean-style house; just be sure to stick with a warm color when selecting them.These tiles are easier and less expensive to install than any other tile. 

Asphalt tiles aren't the most environmentally friendly option, and they require repairs more often than the other types of tiles on this list, but their low initial cost of installation makes up for these disadvantages.

Plastic Tiles

If you're the eco-friendly type, consider polymer plastic tiles as a non-traditional roofing solution for your traditional Mediterranean-style house. These tiles are constructed from used household waste, so choosing them for your house plans can help combat pollution.

It's difficult to obtain entire batches of plastic tiles in a uniform color, but this works to your advantage with a Mediterranean-style home. Your roofer will do their best to match the same shade of color throughout your roof, but the slight variation will offer the natural appearance that is characteristic of Spanish, Italian, and Greek dwellings.

Plastic tiles can be a bit expensive to initially install ($25, 350 for installation on the average-sized family home), but they're so durable that studies show that, over time, their total cost is less than even that of asphalt shingles. Furthermore, if you ever plan on reselling your house, you'll net a 70 -80 percent return on investment for your eco-friendly, polymer plastic roof.

If you're wondering what type of roof to install on your Mediterranean-style house, take your pick; the above 4 materials are all great choices. Just be sure to hire a reputable roofing company to install your new roof so your Mediterranean dream home stays intact and leak-free for you to enjoy. Click here for info about finding a roofer to help you find and install your Mediterranean-style roof.