Turn Your Fire Damaged Basement Into A Fresh Playroom

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Turn Your Fire Damaged Basement Into A Fresh Playroom

13 November 2014
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Dealing with fire damage in the basement is a big bummer, but it offers the opportunity to reinvent the space so it gets used more often. After having the fire damage restored by a professional, like those at Central Flood Management Inc, why not turn the basement into a funky fresh playroom for the kids? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you pull it all together:

Customize With Color

Color affects everyone, but children tend to be especially sensitive to the effects. This makes it easy to create an atmosphere in your children's new playroom that encourages the frame of mind and behavior that you'd like to see in the space. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Encourage confidence and cooperation with shades of orange.
  • Motivate creativity and stimulate happiness with hues of yellow.
  • Use green to bring the outdoors in and create a calming effect.

While red is motivational and energy inducing it can also elevate the heart rate and encourage aggressive behavior, so it probably isn't the best choice for a room designed especially for kids.

Plan an Indoor Park

Sometimes it's impossible to get outside for some fun and run time whether due to bad weather, illness, or a busy chore day at home. Creating an indoor park ensures that your kids can take advantage of all the benefits daily physical activity affords them, such as improved blood pressure regulation and enhanced well being among other things. Create an indoor park with the help of these tips and tricks:

  • Find a ceiling joist to hang a children's swing from in the corner of the room, and drill a pilot hole for each rope or chain of the swing. Install eye bolts into the pilot holes and use a pair of pliers to tighten them into place. Attach the fasteners that are included with the swing to the eye bolts using the swing's instructions.
  • Place a small plastic swimming pool near the swing and fill it with small foam balls to create a play tank.
  • Hang a small trampoline on the wall that easily comes down when the fun heats up.

It's a good idea to incorporate all of the physical features of the room in one corner so that it can be closed off during times that you want the kids to relax and unwind.

Encourage Creativity

Encouraging children to be creative is extremely important because there are so many benefits for them to gain with arts and crafts engagement. Increased problem solving skills and improved communication development are just a couple notable side effects of creative play. Here is how you can provide plenty of opportunity for creativity:

  • Implement a painting center complete with easel and watercolors. Put a hard plastic runner underneath the easel to catch any spills.
  • Setup a drawing desk with baskets lining the back edge of the desk filled with stencils, glue, pencils, and crayons.
  • Keep jars of dried macaroni, spools of yarn, sacks of seashells, and other knick-knacks on floating shelves in the room to facilitate spur-of-the-moment art projects.

Use the artwork you and your little ones create to decorate the walls. This will give the kids a sense of accomplishment and provide you with free and meaningful décor.

Make Snacking Easy

What kid doesn't complain about being hungry seemingly every hour? It's no wonder – kids expel a lot of energy and therefore need a constant source of fuel to get them through their day. Healthy snacks can help to fill any nutritional gaps that might be present, and ensure that their little tummies aren't uncomfortable as they focus on their crafts and game play.

Make snacking easy by putting a mini fridge and a small snack table in the playroom. Fill the fridge with health options like apples, celery, peanut butter, and raisins, and chill some water for yourself. This way you don't have to leave the room for snacks and miss out on the action, or the opportunity to supervise.

You will find that filling the day with your kids is easy when you have such a fabulous space to spend time together in! Make sure that you set up a small corner for yourself within the room so you can read a book and enjoy a cup of tea while you watch the little ones play.