3 Ways To Protect Your Plumbing This Holiday Season

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3 Ways To Protect Your Plumbing This Holiday Season

5 November 2014
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Do you know when plumbing companies see the most emergency calls? One plumbing company says that their emergency call volumes triple on Thanksgiving and Christmas, with Christmas day being the biggest day for emergency plumbing calls in the year. Another company says that they see the most calls the day after Christmas day. Any way that you look at it, the holidays are a time when things can go wrong with your plumbing. Extra overnight guests, extra meal preparation, and holiday parties all take a toll on your pipes, drains, and fixtures. Learn how to protect your plumbing so that you don't end up needing an emergency plumber this holiday season.

The Kitchen

Take care to protect your drains and garbage disposal when you're cooking a holiday meal for visiting relatives. Don't drain the grease from that turkey in the sink – pour it into a container, like an aluminum coffee can, and cover it with a lid before you dispose of it. Grease can solidify inside your drain and clog it up.

Keep pumpkin pulp, poultry skins, and banana peels out of your garbage disposal. These and other similarly stringy, hard-to-grind items are too much for your disposal to handle, and they'll end up getting stuck. Not only will this put your garbage disposal out of service, it can also be difficult to remove the food that gets stuck inside the disposal. That can result in a stinky mess that will sit there until you can get a repairman to the house. When you do use the disposal, make sure that you turn it on before you add the food debris, and run water down the drain for a few seconds after the food is ground up to flush the drain.

One more thing – try to run your dishwasher at night when people are sleeping or when your guests are out of the house. This will put less strain on your system and ensure hot water and good shower and sink water pressure for your guests.

The Bathroom

Forget the concept of the guest bathroom when you have a full house. If you have more than one bathroom, it's better to make them all available to guests than to risk overwhelming any one bathroom with too much use in a short space of time. You're more likely to end up with an overflowing toilet or a broken sink fixture when everybody who attends your Christmas Eve party is using the same bathroom.

Make sure that you put a trashcan in each bathroom within easy reach of the toilet, and keep an eye on it to make sure that they're being emptied regularly. When there's no trashcan, or when the trashcan is too full to use, more people will give into the temptation to just flush something small down the toilet. The problem is, your toilet is not a good substitute for a trashcan – the easiest way to clog the toilet is by flushing things other than toilet paper down the drain.

The Pipes

Frozen pipes can result in a disaster during a cold winter. Hopefully your pipes are already installed in heated or insulated places. However, if they aren't, or if you need to further protect them, insulate the pipes with insulation sleeves or foam wrapping before the temperatures drop too low.

If the temperature dips unexpectedly and you know that you're not prepared, you can try letting a faucet drip during an extreme cold snap. It will waste some water, but it will keep your pipes from freezing and bursting, which can waste a lot more water.

Just to be on the safe side, make sure that you have the number of a plumbing company that makes emergency calls, even on holidays. Keep that information handy just in case. Check out this go to site to find plumbers in your area who may be open 24/7, 365.